About Us

JDH-SOFTWARE arose from the shared passion for software and hardware of friends from Neunkirchen. In 2022, these friends decided to open a new, fresh and personal online software store in the turbulent software market with the necessary amount of guts and entrepreneurial drive.

We now have several suppliers at home and abroad, which is why we can offer you the best price possible. Since 2022, JDH SOFTWARE has also been supplying B2B to various companies at home and abroad. Thanks to our competitive prices, other software retailers now also benefit. They also experience the personal and flexible service that you as a consumer are used to from us!

JDH-SOFTWARE's mission is to help you quickly, personally and for the lowest possible price with software. IT technicians, IT specialists of all ages and every type of ITer are helped by means of the best customer service and JDH-SOFTWARE is therefore at the right place!

We want to deliver quality on all fronts. Offering high-quality hardware and software, with the best possible personal service. We always do our very best to make you feel that JDH-SOFTWARE is your only 'Resource for MS Software & Hardware'. Not because we have the best price, but because all IT guy are king with us. Personal service will be our guiding principle in the coming years. Ultimately, every IT guy in Germany and worldwide knows us as the software webshop with the best customer service on the software market.

JDH SOFTWARE, Your Resource for MS Software!